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The Future is about Advancements 

Future Fitness provides athletes and gym goers, at any level, the Highest levels of guidance in Sports Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, and Injury Prevention.

We believe that our results are ONLY as good as The Plan we execute. Future Fitness provides a Master Plan to everyone that envisions a Future where they are at the top of their game in Health, Wellness, and Performance. 

Future Fitness’ Master Plan encompasses all forms of physical training with the experience through laboratory tested, and clinically proven methods of specified training to give you any desired result you want and/or need, whether it’s to tie your shoes with ease or to compete at the highest level of sports and performance.

The Master Plan is created by a certified Master Trainer in Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, MMA Conditioning, Personal Training and Flexology.

These specialized training methods are applied to each and every client’s Master Plan. Our cutting-edge science based training methods are also used by other top Professional Coaches at the College, National, and Olympic level to ensure that their athletes and patients have the highest rates of success and the lowest chances for injury.

The Future is sculpted by the actions we take today. Let’s curate a personalized Master Plan for you together and begin a journey that will transform your life forever!

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Training for Excellence, Growth, and Success

Hello, I'm Coach Nick, a certified NASM Master Trainer guiding the community of athletes of all ages to enhance their lives with more than half a decade of professional experience. I believe that excellence in all areas of life make a better world for everyone around us. That’s why I made set out the goal and became a certified NASM Master Trainer. Great Coaches lead by example. As a NASM Master Trainer, I have the duty to provide excellence in guidance, fitness/nutrition information, service, and most importantly RESULTS for every person I work with. The NASM Master title is a world-renowned title that only a few trainers possess making  your Future Fitness®️ Master Plan the very best in the world.

As a NASM Master Trainer and Flexologist, I am a Specialist in curating cutting-edge programs in Sport Medicine for Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning, and the Flexibility Training. All of these disciplines provide my clients with a unique, exclusive, and holistic approach to meet all your fitness needs.

The Future Fitness®️ Master Plan will enhance your game, health, wellness, fitness, and elevate the quality of your life for good! The Future is truly yours! Start your Fitness transformation today. The Future you will thank you.

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Correct Your Posture, Prevent Injuries, and Boost Performance!

Future Fitness’®️ Phase 0 is the first, most important step towards unlocking your limitless fitness potential. It’s the building block for athletes at any level! Discover the power of a Corrective Exercise Specialist who can improve your posture, address muscle imbalances, and help with overcoming movement limitations. Our expertise focuses on optimal coordination within and between the muscles, leading to improved performance, alleviated physical conditions, and a reduced risk of injuries in all your activities!



Unleash Your Inner Flex: Embrace Strength, Mobility, and Freedom!"

Join Future Fitness®️ for our comprehensive Flexibility program! Where we integrate the top 4 methods of stretching – static, active-isolated, dynamic, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (neuromuscular stretching) – to help you recover from workouts, improve posture, and reduce the risk of injuries. Let’s enhance your overall training recovery experience and embrace flexibility today!



Stability for the joints to Endure your Future Fitness

Future Fitness’®️ Phase 1 of Master Training is a foundational cornerstone to all of our athlete’s long term success. After all, WE DO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE! Future Fitness integrates the latest cutting-edge methods in Sports Medicine for rehabilitation and injury prevention used by world-class Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Olympic Training Facilities to systematically progress the strengthening of joints and prepare the muscles for the higher phases of training for your goals and sport(s). Stabilization Endurance increases balance, kinesthesia, and proprioception of all the vital kinetic chain checkpoints (joints) of body by strengthening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to eliminate the chances of muscle strains, sprains, and dislocations that are far too common during sports performance, in the gym, and in daily life activities. Increase your stability today to endure the physical demands of the future! 

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Muscle Strength & Stamina 

Future Fitness’®️ Phase 2 of Master Training is the beginning of getting the best results people from around the world seek to gain. All of our current and potential weight loss clients  look for the best ways to burn body fat and get a slimmer athletic physique! Future Fitness’s®️ Strength Endurance program delivers with several variations of proven science-based methods to optimally decrease body fat, gain toned lean-muscle mass while maintaining healthy joint stability developed in the previous phases of training. Phase 2 helps athletes increase energy storage, boost metabolism, improve hormone levels, and strengthen their muscles to perform activities for long periods of time. All athletes benefit from this phase of training to maintain 110% performance levels throughout their events, games, matches, duels & championships!

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Training today for the Bigger picture: Igniting Growth and Conquering Hypertrophy!

Future Fitness’®️ Phase 3 of Master Training is a science-based approach that accounts for and integrates all the proven acute-variables to increase muscle mass, maximize protein synthesis, and make you a bigger, better, and stronger athlete!



Unleash the beast: Training your strength to it’s highest level of muscle recruiting potential with world-class science-based methods!

Future Fitness’®️ Phase 4 of Master Training uses science’s best techniques to master the art of increasing body strength to its maximum potential while avoiding all possible injuries in the weight room to make you the strongest you’ve ever been!



Unlocking the Power within: Enhancing Force Production using Mass x Velocity!

Future Fitness®️ believes that Super Strength without speed is useless! Therefore Phase 5 uses clinically proven methods that address how to expertly increase rate of force production while maintaining 100% of your maximal strength gains in Phase 4 to have the best of both worlds. Not all heroes wear capes!



Unlimited Power! Training your body to surpass it’s maximum power potential to Enhance boundless Performance & Abilities!

Future Fitness’®️ Phase 6 of Master Training is the tip of the spear of athletic performance enhancement. Train how to boundlessly increase your vertical jump (which is proven to be the highest indicator for athleticism in Sports Medicine, even more so than the 40yd Dash! and a popular test assessed in NBA & NFL combines), further increase your current maximal speed and acceleration, and further improve your power-strength production while maintaining the athleticism required to be a highly functional and successful athlete in your sport or activity.



Fine tuning athletic skills of Hand-Eye coordination, Multidirectional // Linear Speed, Agility, and Quickness! 

Future Fitness®️ progressively develops an athlete’s ability to sprint with optimal running mechanics, stick, move, and juke through opponents with graceful ease and deception, and react quickly to the pace of the game and leave the competition in the dust. Speed, Agility, and quickness are the most visible and significant components to an athletes success. It’s the difference maker of being 1st, 2nd or last in a race and the difference maker between finishing at the last second buzzer or running out of time. Future Fitness’®️ NASM Master Training carefully designs programs that address these factors of athleticism to significantly improve overall performance and reduce the risk of injury.



The Power of the Mind: Future Fitness®️ brings awareness to the mental aspect of sports training by integrating Ivy League Sports Psych. techniques to increase concentration & attentional focus, increase Confidence, Motivation, and cope with the pressures and anxieties in sports situations to enhance overall performance!

At Future Fitness®️, we understand that where the mind goes the body will follow. Sometimes the biggest obstacles we face in sports and life are the battles not just in front of us but inside our own minds. Future Fitness®️ uses Ivy League techniques to overcome the adversity of anxiety, stress, external, and internal pressures that limit our abilities to maintain focus and peak performance. Future Fitness®️ has developed clinically proven techniques to visualize the best performance outcomes, correcting skill-based errors, and relaxing the mind and body used by US Olympic teams at Colorado Springs and D1 Universities around the world!



Put the unparalleled power of MMA Conditioning in your corner & Take your goals to a whole new arena!

  • Conditioning clients of all skill levels with the MMA training techniques employed by top MMA fighters

  • Experience the sweet science of self-defense conditioning in the growing popularity of MMA

  • Increase your training experience by working in group MMA settings

  • Providing cutting-edge Nutritional & Ergogenic Aid supplement guidance to make safe weight loss and gains for your desired weight class

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Certified NASM Master Trainer

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

MMA Conditioning Specialist

PNF/NMS Flexologist 

9709 Lurline  Chatsworth CA 91311

(805) 236-1783

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